Hello Fellow New Yorker!

We built a Hyperlocal News App for New York City

You can report real issues in your community, and find out what is really happening in New York City

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Report Issues from Anywhere

Breaking News happens all around us. It might have been the house fire down the block from you, or the release of a new beer from the local brewery.

Whether you're in Jamaica, Queens or Times Square, Manhattan, if you're seeing something that is newsworth, share it! Everyone in New York City will be able to know what is happening at anytime!

Know What's Really Going on

Just like you, others users in your community are posting about issues that happen near them, so you'll know exactly what is happening around you.

Next time you're away from home, you can see exactly what's happening at the Yankees or the Mets game from fans just like you!

Be Involved in Your Community

Your knowledge matters! Participate in what is happening around you anytime. Know exactly what's happening, share your insight and thoughts about your community to others.

Vote on whether or not a report is Newsworthy or not. Determine if a piece of information is Reliable or not when you're near it.

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